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(latest update: 20.09.2021)

All our clinics, MVZ doctor’s offices and therapy center can provide medical care mostly unlimited – for emergency care and acute illnesses as well as for elective treatments and surgeries. 


Special rules due to the corona-pandemic

Due to the current pandemic visiting regulations and strict hygiene and distance regulations are still valid.

We apologise for the inconcvinience and ask for your compliance. These regulations are extremly important for vulnerable patients in our clinics.

Further Information on the obstetrics in the clinic Husum

The department of obstetrics provides medical care for normal deliveries and c-sections at any time. The full extent of medical and nursing treatment is ensured during the whole stay. Unfortunately, accompanying patients to medical outpatient controls, consultations hours or to conversations about birth planning is currently not allowed.

ONE person can accompany the woman when the process of giving birth begins. This person can also stay at the clinic for the mother’s and child’s stationary stay afterwards but has to be admitted to hospital. That means the person will be assigned to a bed and will receive meals. As soon as the accompanying person leaves the clinic, a return to mother and child is only possible according to the valid visiting regulations between 2 and 6 p.m. daily.

Since the 2nd July 2021, mother and child can be visited by one additional previously named person. The valid visiting regulations apply.

The pregnant women, mothers and the respective accompanying person will be tested for Covid-19 at admission and then frequently onwards.

A registration for the birth is not necessary. The clinic admits women for delivery at any time.

Prior to birth, we provide two apartments for pregnant women form the (undiked) islands. They offer room for ONE additional person.

For further information please contact: 04841 660-1285.

Current visiting regulations 

Within the visiting regulations, every patient can name one reference person as visitor when admitted to hospital. From 2nd July onwards, the patient can name a second person.

The reference persons, that can be changed only in very few exceptions e.g. own illness, can visit the patient once a day for one hour at the visiting hours. A visit at the same time is not possible. The refence persons have to visit seperately. Therefore, a mutual agreement of these two people is recommended.

Temporary restrictions on visits to wards 2 and 4 in the Husum Clinic

Due to two positive tests, temporarily stricter safety rules apply to stations 2 and 4, which currently do not allow a visit to these stations. We ask for your understanding.

Visiting hours:
Husum and Niebüll: (currently except for wards 2 and 4, see above)

Daily between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. or
Daily between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Daily between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Visitors can enter the building until 15 minutes prior to the end of the visiting period.

Negative test for Covid19 necessary
The reference person has to present a negative Covid19 test result (not older than 24 hours). Unfortunately, tests cannot be operated in our clinics Husum, Niebüll and Wyk/Föhr.

Proof of Covid19 vaccination
Reference people, that are fully vaccinated (depending on your vaccine) against Covid19 (including a 2 weeks waiting period after the last injection) do not have to be tested for Covid19. The vaccination has to be verified at the inspection area.

Test or proof of a completed vaccination for children and adolescents
The regulations either to proof your vaccination or to present a valid Covid19 test are also valid for this age group.

Visitors and accompanying people can only be named as reference person, if...
…they do not suffer from respiratory diseases.
…they did not have recent contact to Covid19-infected people.
…they did not recently return from countries that are listed as international risk areas by the Robert-Koch-Institut.

Divergent visiting regulations…
…can only be made in very exceptionel situations under strict saftey regulations. This procedure has to be coordinated with the treating physician.

Test centers in Nordfriesland

A list of test centers in Nordfriesland can be found here.

Further important information (e.g. inspection area and registration)

Inspection area
The entrance areas in the clinics Husum and Niebüll have installed inspections areas. People that enter the building have to register there and will be informed about the valid hygiene rules and visiting regulations.

To fast up the registration process you can already fill out the form at home. You can find it here.

Registration via Luca App (Husum and Niebüll)
When entering the clinic, you can also register via the Luca App. The necessary QR-Code is displayed at the inspection area. Please remember to check out after your stay at the clinic.

Accompanying patients to the emergency department and doctor's offices
For outpatient treatment at the emergency department and the MVZ doctor's offices, patients can only be accompanied by a healthy person in exceptional situations. Exceptions can only be made for...
- one healthy parent for a child under the age of 14 years.
- the healthy legal guardian of a patient that is not capable of acting on their own.
- (if the situation allows it) a person to avoid language barriers.

Reachability by phone

You can find a phone beside every patient bed. The corresponding extension is noted there. Thus, patients can take incoming calls from relatives or acquaintances free of charge. No registration is required! The daily phone fees lapse until further notice. For outgoing calls, patients have to register the phone and the used units will be charged at the end of the stay.

Duty to wear a mouth-nose-protection and hygiene rules

A mouth-nose-protection has to be worn continuously during your stay at the clinic in all buildings. To protect our patients and employees we have to advise you to comply with the valid hygiene rules at any time. Please wear a medical mask. A Mouth-nose-protection made out of fabric is not allowed. The mask has to be worn continuously at the patient’s room, also.

Please mind to keep distance and follow the regulations for the elevator usage. Please do not sit down on the patient’s bed.

The compliance with the regulations is nessecary to prevent infections from spreading in the hospital, so that patients are protected. Please support us!


Patients and healthy accompanying people must disinfect hands while entering and leaving the clinic. Also frequent disinfections "in between" are useful. Dispensers are abundant!


Events and lectures

The clinics resume events and lectures. Currently this affects the midwife cosultations hoursfirst-aid-courses, the familiale care, information evenings by the therapy school and lectures. Please follow the news on our website or the media. All our events require previous registration. For more information please call 04841 660-1542.

Clinics Husum and Niebüll, RGZ Tönning: No Covid19 testing for outpatients and no Covid19 vaccinations

The clinic complex cannot test any outpatients for the corona-virus in Husum, Niebüll or Tönning. Also, we cannot vaccinate people. We kindly ask you to refrain from any enquiries. For further information please contact the phone numbers below:
Tel. 116 117 - Bereitschaftsdienst der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung
Tel. 0431 7970-0001 (werktags 8-18 Uhr) - Bürgertelefon des Land Schleswig-Holstein
Tel. 04841 67-755 - Hotline des Kreisgesundheitsamtes

We apologise for any inconvenience

Thank you for your help and understanding. Let us stop the spread of the Covid19 virus together.

One final request: The regulations (informed above) were established by the clinic management to protect patients, employeed and visitors. The employees at the inspection area and all other employees act according to those rules. They cannot decide about exceptions. So we kindly ask yout to restrain from any enquiries that involve exceptions, especially at the inspection area.

If you have any concerns, please contact .

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