Klinikum Nordfriesland includes four local clinics situated in Husum, Niebüll, Tönning and Wyk/Föhr. Klinikum Nordfriesland offers highly qualified and widespread professional expertise to the locals as well as to visitors of Northern Schleswig- Holstein.
Treatment and care is carried out by our kind and dedicated professional staff. Our well equipped clinics are open day and night for acute diseases as thromboses and heart attacks, and for victims of accidents.

In addition to these capacities each clinic has specialized in its own field.

Husum The clinic has a centre for heart diseases, HERZZENTRUM NORDsee. Patients with heart and circulation problems are treated in the clinic in Husum. High professional standard and local expertise are supported by a high-level collaboration with the University Centre of Heart Diseases in Hamburg - Eppendorf University Hospital as well as by cooperating cardiologists in Husum, Dr. Geffert and Dr. Rack.
In addition to this, the Husum clinic has specialized in gastro - intestinal diseases. The clinic houses clinical departments of vascular medicine and gastroenterology and a breast centre. Spinal diseases (e.g. prolaps) are treated by two permanent employed neurosurgeons in the clinic in Husum. In January 2009 a new geriatric clinic – open at daytime – was included.

All departments of the clinic in Husum are now qualified by the criteria of certification listed by KTO (Kooperation für Transparenz und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen).

Niebüll A special field of the clinic in Niebüll is surgery to patients, who have been victims of accidents. The clinic in Niebüll is capable of any relevant surgery in this field: hands and shoulders, knees, feet, hips etc. A rescue helicopter is based at the clinic. Departments of medicine cover cardiology and gastroenterology, and a dialyses centre is part of the hospital. As Niebüll is close to the Danish border, German as well as Danish babies are born and nursed in the maternity ward of the clinic.

Tönning As well as the other clinics included in Klinikum Nordfriesland, the clinic in Tönning has the capability of dealing with any general or acute medical and surgical treatment. Furthermore the clinic has specialized in the treatment of varicose veins. The Klinikum Nordfriesland Centre for Sleep Disorders is part of the clinic in Tönning.

The clinic in Tönning houses the central department of Adipositas Zentrum Nord, AZN, where an interdisciplinary professional team cooperates in treating morbid obesity. The treatment often implies surgery. A banding or a balloon might be implanted. Alternatively the surgeon performs a gastric bypass, making a connection between a small stomach pouch and the intestine, bypassing most of the stomach. The purpose of any kind of bariatric surgery, performed by the AZN, is to minimize nourishment considerably to save the patients from morbid obesity and its serious consequences. Adipositas Zentrum Nord also offers traditional, non surgical, out–patient procedures to combat obesity e.g. by the interdisciplinary OPTIFAST®52 programme.

Föhr-Amrum The clinic Föhr-Amrum is the fourth and smallest of the clinics administrated by Klinikum Nordfriesland. The clinic is situated in an island, and though it is the smallest, it is as well equipped and as well qualified to deal with any acute disease as the three other clinics. The clinic is – not least thanks to committed and enterprising local support – fully updated, technically as well as regarding interior and exterior frames, so the clinic has the same high standard as the other clinics of Klinikum Nordfriesland.

Besides the four clinics Klinikum Nordfriesland includes a clinical pharmacy with three local branches delivering medicals for radiology, nuclear medicine, surgery, neuropsychiatry etc.

Since January 2008 Klinikum Nordfriesland has offered trainee service for medical students from the University of Hamburg.

Klinikum Nordfriesland´s own education centre qualifies for professional health care within a great field. Nurses and many other professionals of the health sector are educated and trained at our education centre. Physiotherapists are educated at “Therapieschule Nord”, a special branch of our education centre.
With its 180 students the Klinikum Nordfriesland Centre of Education is considered to be one of the most important education centres of Northern Schleswig-Holstein.


Klinikum Nordfriesland
Managing director
Christian von der Becke

Further information
tel. 04841 / 660-0
web: www.klinikum-nf.de
mail: presse@klinikum-nf.de

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